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It all started on kijiji…

Seriously, that’s pretty much exactly where my career as a photographer began; posting photography ads on the sketchiest part of the internet (which accidentally ended in my favour (you’ll have to ask me more about this one when we meet!)) and pinning up wedding photography posters with tearaway website tabs without permission at any Starbucks I could find.

Although, if we want to go way back, then I know that my journey as a creative entrepreneur started long before then.

I should have known a very long time ago while I was either sewing my own purses in my basement, designing and ironing-on my own logo onto sweatshirts (which actually turned out to be the same name as a gas station toilet holder company…I’m still haunted by this when I use a gas station bathroom and see the brand name in my journeys nowadays ), or writing my own newsletters and passing them out to all of our neighbours, that I would have become an entrepreneur when I got older.

Somewhere along the lines (thanks, adulthood) I lost the belief that I needed to be more than myself in order to have something to offer.

Keep scrolling to find out what happened next.


I no longer run from the parts of myself that I used to feel didn’t belong in the world of being an entrepreneur, because it’s in thanks to those pieces of myself, not in spite of them, that I’m able to cultivate an abundant life doing what I love. I am a mother, a photographer, an educator, a partner, a podcaster, a vegan food/cooking addict, and an absolute firm believer that we can build and sustain a life that we love, without compromise.




When I watched my income jump from $8,000 in my first wedding season, to $80,000 the next, I thought for sure that I had tapped into a secret world of building a business in a way that I wasn’t seeing done by many other creative entrepreneurs around me at the time. As true as that was—that not many other people had figured this out at the time—I’ve learned over the years that there’s no deep dark secrets that you need special access to in order to be able to build a business however you’d like to; all that we need is someone who’s walked the path before to guide us along our own journey.

With my experience as a professional photographer for over half a decade combined with a serious love for educating others, has come an ache to prove that there is a space for you to show up, as the big wonderful mess that you are, and that you don’t need to alter what you have to offer in order to make a difference in all that you do.


This belief is also carried with me each and every time that I photograph one of my couples — my goal is always to allow you the space to show up however you choose to, and create images alongside of you both that act as a dwelling space; a haven of comfort and confidence, a space that you can return to whenever you need to be reminded of how it feels to be seen and appreciated as the truest version of yourself.


if you’re ready to be seen, encouraged, and captured with your partner—whether that be for your wedding, elopement, anniversary, or simply to document the wonderful space that you’re existing in right now, let’s start brainstorming together.



It’s 2019, I promise that creeping is no longer a thing — come and learn more about me