Kaihla Tonai

If it’s past 10:30pm, I can literally fall asleep anywhere. My family always jokes that once it’s past “that time” that I start acting like  a tired toddler; just let me curl myself up into the tiniest ball, doze off, and you can wake me when it’s time to go home.

I’m as hipster as you get when it comes to making and drinking coffee. Mark has turned me into a coffee connoisseur, and I’ve never looked back since.

I’m all for eating well and taking care of my body, but you shouldn’t be surprised if you ever find me in a dark corner eating cheesecake or candy. Biggest. Sweet tooth. EVER.

If it were socially acceptable, I would be barefoot ONE HUNDRED percent of the time.

I am whole-heartedly a free spirit, I just happen to be a free spirit who enjoys some structure and a well-organized schedule ;)

I’ve been to over 20 indie-folk shows in the past 4 years; I would blow my last dollar on a ticket to see James Vincent McMorrow.

Mark and I travel A LOT, and we’ve chronicled our travels through a wide variety of road trip selfies on Instagram. We bought an 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon before we got married and it's our favourite set of wheels to adventure (and break down) in. 

Mark and I got married in July of 2015 in Golden, BC. If you’d like to see more images from our wedding day, feel free to browse the hashtag #SoLafondOfYou on Instagram, search The Barefoot Bride here on my website, or scroll through our wedding day blog post.


I am a combination of all of the lessons I have learnt, the people I have met, the guidance I have gathered. I am a wife, a friend, a photographer, a mama, a writer, an intovert; but above all else, I am just working to return home to the person I have always been.  


- When it comes to working with you, I just want you to know that I care about you. That’s it.

I care about your honesty and authenticity and the fire that burns within your heart. I care about the way that you cherish those in your life who have made you a better person. I care about the way that you can’t go a few minutes without talking about your partner. I care that you value marriage, not because it’s a production for your family + friends, but rather because you want to start a family with the one person in this world who has helped you grow into the very best version of yourself.

I care about you, and I care about your whole-hearted and unwavering connection with the person that you’re marrying.


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I've built my business around my life and who I am as a person; the beating heart behind the camera. This is why you'll constantly find me sharing more than just photography over on my blog, or at any of the social media links below.

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