Allie + Nick - Kananaskis Elopement

Ohhh these two; how do I even begin to express how happy I am to have had the chance to meet and get to know them over these last couple of months. Meeting Allie and Nick didn't feel like meeting strangers; rather, it felt like walking into a comfortable space and catching up with two people who I felt I had to have known for years prior, or perhaps in another lifetime even. 

Emily + Nathan - Calgary Engagement Photographer

This past Saturday night was spent sun-soaked and outside of the city with Emily + Nathan. We met them a little ways out of Calgary at their home, where we spent some time capturing some wonderfully summery images to celebrate their engagement. Keep a look out for these two again in September for their elopement up at Emerald Lake Lodge in Field, BC!

Allie + Nick

Lately, I've been crossing paths with humans who almost effortlessly fit into my days; Allie + Nick are two of these people who are just easy to be around. Hanging out with them was so wonderful and easy, talking with them was easy, and photographing them was easy.

Stephanie + James

You know those humans that you come across that just radiate positivity and inclusivitiy and lead their life in such an intentional manner? Meet Stephanie + James, a big-hearted duo that we are so fortunate to call our friends. Last weekend, we got together at Bridgette Bar downtown to start off what I think has been one of my favourite sessions thus far to be a part of.

Kenna + Brett - Calgary Engagement Photographer

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about photographing couples, and what having their moments together captured means to them, as well as to me. I've always had a firm belief behind why I do what it is that I do, but I've been feeling an expansion with that lately--delving more into what it really feels like to see these types of images of yourself wrapped in the arms of your person--and it's been such a fun exploration lately that I can't wait to soon share more of. 

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These weeks have been tough

For the past couple of weeks, I've felt the tug of delving back into blogging really pulling me back to the computer; I've missed daily and weekly casual/journal style posting, and if my feeling is correct, then I'm thinking that being at home most days with babe is going to catapult me back into the blogging that I've always loved (and have recently been missing). 

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Samantha + Kyle - Banff Engagement Session

I could not have asked for a better pair to jump back into shooting with than these two. Sam + Kyle met us out in Banff this past Saturday for their engagement session, and it made me even MORE eager to be a part of their off-the-grid intimate mountain wedding this coming fall. 

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Managing Self-Doubt - 40 Weeks Pregnant

Yesterday I was overtaken by the reality that I’ve known to be coming for almost a year now. I don’t know what it was in that moment that made things feel so different; so palpable, so present, so here and now. I kept using the word scared in between streams of tears, but even know I know that it wasn’t fear that I was or am feeling.

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The Barefoot Baby - 39 Weeks Pregnant

Being pregnant in general has been my ultimate lesson of patience over these last nine months; but nothing compares to the patience that I'm learning throughout these final few weeks of waiting to see when this baby is going to decide to make it's journey out to join us in our physical space. It's a whole other level of anticipation knowing that something so huge is on the cusp of happening, while literally having no indication as to when it's going to take place; it's strange, and exciting, and can easily bring along a little anxiety if I don't keep my thoughts in check.

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Vanessa + Kevin - Calgary In-Home Session

I first met Vanessa almost two years ago when she inquired about having a Free Spirit Session done with me; we had spent a beautiful summer evening together down by the river getting to know each other + capturing photos. Fast forward a few months to that following Spring, and I had the chance to learn even more about Vanessa when she attended a retreat I had co-created out West on Vancouver Island; I was lucky to have the chance to photograph her once again in a Free Spirit Session setting. 

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Wedding Venues - Off The Beaten Path

Searching a wedding venue that accommodates your wildhearted visions can often prove to be a bit of a struggle; I know that we found that to be true throughout the research we did when finding a venue for ourselves. For us personally, we had two main criteria that we were trying to adhere to:

The Barefoot Baby - 37 Weeks Pregnant

Today technically marks our being full term with our baby; thirty-seven weeks. The very true fact that there is a finite end to this whole journey--and that it’s approaching and could happen at basically any moment now--is both so unbelievably exciting weaved in with the odd brief seed of panic.

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My Skincare Journey

Growing up, skincare and having clear skin wasn't something that I necessarily needed to think about; I was fortunate enough to have really clear skin throughout all of my adolescence as well as teenage life. Throughout high school, I also wasn't one to ever wear hardly any makeup with the exception of a little mascara; the same went for my earlier years at University. 

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Our Favourite Coffee Brew Method - The Chemex

Using a Chemex for our coffee has been our most coveted brew method in the mornings for the last couple of years now; and although there is a bit of a learning curve, once familiarizing yourself with the process, it becomes a really straightforward and relatively quick way to make enough delicious coffee for yourself (or to share if you’re feeling generous).

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