Stephanie + David - Calgary Engagement Photographer

Two things I know to be true: 1. my cheeks hurt from laughing the entirety of the weekend after spending some time with these two during their engagement session, and 2. Stephanie + David have the most incredible memory--and the most incredible well of stories--from their past nine years of knowing each other. 

I'll give you the synopsis of their incredible history, but if you know these two, you need to ask them about the gum in the hair story the next time you see them--I am still cracking up at the thought. 

Stephanie + David met nine years ago when they were chemistry lab partners in their post-secondary schooling (we were able to get back into the EXACT lab and photograph them at the exact same space where they used to spend every Tuesday afternoon together). Three years after their lab time together, the chemistry between them evolved into more than just lab partners, AND they are making this whole thing official this coming August on their 6th anniversary of dating.