Website Re-Launch Promo #3 - MENTORING CALL DISCOUNT

I hope you guys are having a great week thus far and are sinking into the flow of this New Year! I’ve always found delving into a New Year to be an interesting time for me, both emotionally and mentally, and this year is proving to be no exception. It’s not only hard to regain your footing back into a somewhat regular routine after the Holiday season, but it can also be a little tricky to regain some balance when it comes to wanting to continue working hard, yet simultaneously focusing on setting new goals and habits for the upcoming year.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the mindset of feeling as though we need to shift our lifestyles or reset our intentions, when in reality we don’t always need a brand new year to start working on whatever it is that we want to start working on.

Regardless as to whether or not you subscribe to the mindset of making New Year resolutions or not, I wanted to utilize today’s promotion to meet you where you’re at--right in this exact time in your life and business--and help you take that nudge forward that you’ve been working towards. Mentoring has always held a huge place in my heart and business, and I knew as soon as I sat down to brainstorm promotional ideas for this launch that I wanted to include some form of mentoring offer to you guys. If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not enlisting a mentoring to help guide you through this time in your business, there’s no better time to try it out than now at it’s discounted cost and see how it feels for you.

For any calls booked within the rest of the month of January, I want to offer 30% off of my hour-long distance mentoring calls.

These one-on-one online mentoring calls are priced per hour. They are an open-ended chance for us to spend some virtual time together, asking questions, learning, and sharing knowledge on whatever topics you would like guidance with. These calls can be for anyone who is in the early stages of creating their photography business and want help diving into it, or simply want help regarding certain topics/area of their already established business.

Below are some topic suggestions to get your wheels turning:

  • Learning how to establish a workflow that best suits who you are
  • Quickening your turnaround time and learning how I turnaround my clients' full wedding gallery in just four days
  • Website critique and chat through; learning what is working and what isn't on your current website
  • My approach to photographing couples
  • Utilizing social media (with a focus on Instagram)
  • Or whatever else you have questions about!

Sharing has been one of my greatest passions ever since starting my photography business four years ago. I quickly discovered that being a part of the photography or self employment "industry" doesn't have to be something that we have to conquer alone. I stand firmly behind the belief that there is enough room for all of us to succeed--in whatever it is that we set out to do--and that together we can achieve bigger and better things than if we choose to go at it all alone.

Although I adore getting to connect in person, so many of my connections and conversations happen via social media which means that in person mentoring isn't always an option for everyone; therefore, I wanted to open up online hour-long Skype calls as a personalized and distance-learning mentoring option.

Our time together can also be a 60-minute question and answer period where you bring all your questions to the table and we discuss them all together. Again, it's 100% tailored to whatever it is that you're looking for. I simply want to arrive to our call with an open-heart, get to know who you are as a person, and help you out in whatever way that I possibly can.

We can also build a custom collection integrating a few hours, if you feel like you'll need or want more time, or if you would like to create a timeline custom to your own needs, send me an email ( and we can chat through a few things before you make a purchase. Otherwise, I am really looking forward to talking with you some more! 

For the time being, most of these sessions will be happening virtually via Skype; however, if you are in Calgary and would like to inquire about spending some time together in-person, send me a note via email and we can chat more about that option and create something custom for you. 

***with the purchase of a mentoring call, you'll also be added into the Gratitude + Growth: a Kaihla Tonai Community over on Facebook where you'll be able to connect, share, learn, and grow with other photographers.


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