Trusting Your Gut in Business

How far are you willing to implement the the instinctual feeling that you often feel deep within your gut? Does your trust within yourself extend simply into the odd personal decision, or are you someone who assesses those reactionary gut feelings with most decisions throughout all avenues of your life? Our gut feelings are the often subtle tugs that we feel deep within the space of our bellies, and a lot of the time they can subside just as quickly as they arise if we aren’t listening closely to the signs our bodies are trying to communicate to us with throughout the process. Your gut is your instinctual response before your logical brain or outside opinion or ego tries to step in and sway your original feelings, and it’s like a muscle in the sense that the more we utilize it, the stronger our instincts will grow to begin, and the more aware of our innate reactions we will become.

Trusting your gut in business is something that I feel can often be overlooked because there is one very big societal construct swaying our own opinions, and that construct is money. I think that it’s easy as a self-employed entrepreneur to fall into associating your success with the amount of income that you are generating throughout the year, but I’ve grown to learn that nurturing a healthy business extends far beyond--and actually hardly has to do with--earning a certain amount of dollars. Through my own exploration and learning processes, I’ve discovered that ignoring my gut reaction when it comes to email exchanges, money decisions, and most importantly for myself, client/couple interactions, only manifests in really negative ways.

How do you feel when you walk away from a potential wedding couple meeting? Are you a little frazzled? Do you feel excited? Are you happy with how things went? Do you feel defensive? Reactionary? Do you experience gratitude? Do you simply feel a little off?

These immediate sentiments that you feel (or that perhaps you were feeling while in the midst of the meeting) are your gut sending you signals; they are your natural reactions to the energetic interactions that are taking/or have just taken place.

Trusting your gut is something that can feel silly right off the start, and it’s also something that may seem strange if you’re explaining it to someone who just doesn’t quite understand or practice the same process. But if there’s one thing that I’ve learned throughout the last four years of business, it’s that your initial reactions--physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically--are always what is best for yourself and your own path, regardless of what that means for whomever you’re interacting with. Obviously this is somewhat of an overgeneralization and there are circumstantial situations that might call for a different set of actions, but when it comes down to it, your gut knows best; you just might not be fully listening to it’s subtle cues just yet, but like I’ve already mentioned, the more you tune into yourself, the stronger your senses will become.

Kaihla LafondComment