The Barefoot Baby - 35 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I could not believe my eyes this morning when I opened my “what to expect when expecting” app and was told that there are only five weeks until baby (and obviously that’s some approximate timing, give or take a week or two). Whoa. I know I’ve said before that I’m so shocked at how fast their due date is approaching, but these last couple of weeks have felt even quicker than the rest leading up to this point.

Physically for baby, basically all that’s going on is weight gain; they’re pushing 20 inches long, weigh over 5 pounds, and just need to fatten up slightly before birth. Although they’ve significantly decreased their free space in the home of my belly, he/she’s still managing to wiggle around almost consistently--whether they’re sleeping or awake. The hiccups that literally shake my entire belly happen so regularly and I find myself distracted by them multiple times throughout the day.

This past week, we’ve collected almost everything that we need for baby’s birth day, as well as the rest of what we need for them here at home for the months that will follow. Our last biggest purchase was their carseat, which we just received a phone call about it arriving into the store for pick-up, which means we’ll be able to bring it home at some point this week. We also recently picked up both some Evening Primrose Oil caplets (that I’ll be able to start taking next week), as well as some Raspberry Leaf Tea (for 37 weeks and beyond) that should both help with the preparation process.

We also have a relatively thorough home-birth supply list that we needed to be collecting, and as we speak it’s almost 100% ready to go and all nicely organized into a laundry basket. Our midwives provided us with this list, and it’s been a really good and straightforward collection of all that we might possibly need on the day that our baby is born. Some items that are included in the basket for the day of are:

  • Towels (5-6)
  • A fitted sheet (that we don’t mind throwing away if need be) and a shower curtain or plastic for underneath the sheet, as well as pillow cases or whatever else we’ll want on the bed to make it comfortable post-birth or during birth, all depending on what happens on the day of
  • Coconut water, Ener-C packs (for energy), energy-filled snacks, etc
  • Essential oils
  • Hats, socks, receiving blankets, sleeper, undershirt, NB diapers
  • Hydrogen peroxide, olive oil
  • Heating pad

Mark has also been an incredible help lately--and let’s be honest, throughout this entire process--and prepared all of our diapers earlier this week so that there’s 100% ready to go. He truly is the driving force behind getting everything organized, and there are honestly no words to express how thankful I am for him--me and baby are beyond lucky to have him as our own. We’ve decided to use the Flip diapers, and with most--if not all--reusable diapers, there is a lot of preparation and pre-wash/laundry work that goes into making them ready-to-use, so it’s so nice to have that all handled and ready to go (PLUS I usually don’t follow directions, whereas Mark is super thorough about following guidelines in cases like this, so him being in charge of this process was probably for the best haha).

Aside from all of that, my only duty for the next week or two is to work on creating a birth day playlist that I can have on throughout labour, as well as work at creating a mantra banner that I want to have hanging in our home throughout labour.

I still can’t believe this is so close to happening.

P.S The other week while we were in Edmonton photographing Stephanie + David's engagement session, I had my own turn in front of the lens of the wonderful women behind Hobbs Photography. I spent a Sunday morning in their new studio space West of Edmonton having myself (& little babe) photographed for honestly one of the first times (hard to believe right?? It's such a different experience being photographed professionally without Mark or without Mark being the one taking the photos). I wanted to also include and share a few of the images that they captured here. 

Hobbs Photography is currently offering 40% off of their studio sessions in order to break in their stunning new studio space; sooooo if you're in the Edmonton area and would like a session, be sure to get in touch with Jenna + Aimee before the end of January!