My Promise To You


The word intimate has become such a buzz word in the photography community lately, and it’s been interesting watching it pop up throughout various social media feeds and brand work. Four years ago when I started verbalizing that I was a photographer of intimate weddings and elopements, it wasn’t something that was incredibly prevalent in my community; but, I’ve felt that today, as the word continues to gain popularity, that it’s begun to mislead or misrepresent why I decided to specialize into this niche market back in 2013 to begin with. 


Although the bulk of the marriages that I photograph do tend to be small-scale, outdoor, mountain weddings and elopements, the sole fact that they are smaller--guest wise--in scale is not the reason as to why I choose to photograph them. Since the very beginning, my purpose has come down to the people that I serve; the couples who allow me into their lives. 

For four full time seasons of wedding photography, I have made sure that the way my couples feel is of the utmost importance to me. I believe--today and everyday-- in honouring who you are by giving you images that act as a dwelling place, a complete haven of comfort and confidence; a place that you can return to whenever you need to be reminded of who you are, and whenever you want to be reminded of how you felt, in that exact moment, being the truest version of yourself, regardless of how many guests you have alongside of you throughout your wedding day.

This isn’t about the pictures. 
It’s not about the number of guests that you have attending your marriage. 
Nor is it about the way that you choose to celebrate your marriage. 
This comes down to the people.
This comes down to you two.
This comes down to the unwavering and unshakable connection that you’ve cultivated. 
This comes down to the feeling that you get when you’re holding your tangible images in your hands and remembering how it felt to be in that moment; free from judgment while simply being loved by the one person in this world who aids you in being the truest version of yourself day-after-day. 

I don’t want to be a specialist in intimate weddings if the word intimate leaves my couples feeling excluded. I want to be a specialist in the beating hearts who make the decision to take back this commitment that they’re making to each other; to truly hold themselves as individuals--as well as a couple--in the centre of this heartfelt celebration.

I am a specialist in capturing you both together, in your safest space. 

I believe that if we pay attention to the people that we’re interacting with, give them the space to embrace the wonderfully wild and courageous mess that they are, treat them as human beings as opposed to clients, an incredible foundation of trust and understanding begins to unfold. 

This is what I aim to create with all of my couples.

Kaihla LafondComment