Elizabeth Marie - Free Spirit Session


Ohhh what more could I say about Beth that hasn't already been said. I adore this woman; this smart, brave, strong, hilarious, talented woman. I spent many many months with Beth last year while we worked together on my one-on-one intensive mentoring program. Since our time working together, I've had a front row seat in watching her soar; and not just in a business sense, but I've watched her grow into this person that she was always meant to come home to. Her energy and zest for everything she puts her heart into is so so visible.

Thankyou for allowing me to capture your heart Beth.

Free Spirit Sessions are still happening outdoors this fall (as I have hope that our October will still be wonderful despite the snow flying today haha), AND they will be happening all winter long (!!!!!) in your house or in mine. Get in touch to inquire about dates + rates!!

Kaihla LafondComment