Rachelle + Braiden - Kananaskis Couple's Session


It wasn't until a year or two into my photography career that I discovered that for me, this path isn't usually about the photos. Yes, obviously being photographed or needing photos to mark a certain point in time in your own life or journey is the materialistic or purpose of hiring a photographer; but it's always felt clear to me that photos are just the point of connection in our physical world, when in reality, the purpose of our time together is often far more intricate and below-surface than we might ever realize. 

Those words felt like they came out almost in one big cloud of confusion, and if they did, just allow me to reiterate that although people hire me to take images of them, I truly believe that the images are just a tool that allows us to cross paths and spend time together for a reason that we might not even realize at the time.

All that's to say that I had a really really great time with Rachelle, Braiden, and their pup (& Braiden's parents who came along to watch that adorable golden doodle when she wasn't being photographed). Thanks for making this day together feel like a fun family hang out. 

Kaihla LafondComment