2017 - R E C A P


Stepping into 2017, at this time last year, I really had no idea whatsoever what was in store for me. To think back to the person that I was as this year of 2017 was just beginning, I can hardly recognize her; I was still pregnant and blissfully unaware of the darkness that was creeping in to swallow me whole.
I was unsure of where we were going to be living by the time our rental lease was complete in two short months time.
I was afraid that I wouldn't make it through the year financially as the economy crash had finally caught up to the wedding industry and my bookings were drastically lower than ever before. 
I was on the very brink of the hardest year of my life thus far, and I had no idea.

Hindsight is so strange and insightful and wildly mystical. It's even stranger to think that here we are again--on the precipice of another New Year--and we can't even pretend to know what we've spent the last twelve months manifesting into our almost-present reality. 


I've come to learn why one of the many facets of photography is perhaps so interesting; regardless of how hard this year has been for me; regardless of how many days I've spent swallowed in the arms of postpartum depression; regardless of how many times (and they are countless) that I've doubted myself, my talent, my space here in this world, my ability to be all of the things (i.e a mother, a wife, a photographer, a friend), here, right here in this post, is tangible, visual, non-disputable proof of how wonderful my year still was, despite all of the hardship. These images are filled with people--real, living, breathing people--who had so much to celebrate this year, and who were so generous enough to allow me the space to celebrate alongside of them. They brought me with them across the province, country, and continent so that I could share in their story; so that I could allow them to relive their most love-filled moments for years and years to come. 

2017 for me personally was filled with so much darkness, but it's thanks to the light illuminating from the hearts of these people in the following images that aided in carrying me through. 

Thank you, endlessly. 

Thank you for being here, for reading this, and for supporting the journey that I'm on. Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes, to learn from those mistakes, and to grow into a better person day-after-day. 

If you are getting married in 2018 and would like to inquire about your own wedding or elopement, you can get in touch with me here. You can use that same contact form to inquire about couple or Free Spirit sessions as well. 

Happy New Year, friends!

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