Vanessa + Kevin - Calgary In-Home Session


I first met Vanessa almost two years ago when she inquired about having a Free Spirit Session done with me; we had spent a beautiful summer evening together down by the river getting to know each other + capturing photos. Fast forward a few months to that following Spring, and I had the chance to learn even more about Vanessa when she attended a retreat I had co-created out West on Vancouver Island; I was lucky to have the chance to photograph her once again in a Free Spirit Session setting. 

Although I had so much fun working with her to create images throughout her Free Spirit Sessions that share a little glimpse into the woman that she truly is, I truly believe that nothing compares to being photographed in the comfort of arms of the only person on this whole entire Earth who makes you feel the most like yourself. That's what I was able to experience when getting to photograph Vanessa + Kevin in their home; the connectivity, the comfort, the ease of simply being with one another. That's what I cherish the most; capturing you in your safest haven, in your forever dwelling-place. 

Kaihla LafondComment