The Barefoot Baby - 39 Weeks Pregnant


Being pregnant in general has been my ultimate lesson of patience over these last nine months; but nothing compares to the patience that I'm learning throughout these final few weeks of waiting to see when this baby is going to decide to make it's journey out to join us in our physical space. It's a whole other level of anticipation knowing that something so huge is on the cusp of happening, while literally having no indication as to when it's going to take place; it's strange, and exciting, and can easily bring along a little anxiety if I don't keep my thoughts in check. I've been really consciously practicing awareness with my thoughts, words, and actions towards this labour and delivery process that is about to take place; it's been a big lesson in positive self-talk, grace, and truly being okay with focusing solely on the present moment.

I also don't think neither Mark nor I has been this excited at any point in the process; the fact that we are SO CLOSE to meeting our baby face-to-face is too much to even be able to put into words. 


Last week we had our birth pool dropped off; we at the last minute decided to rent on (instead of buying our own) and I think it'll end up being a really good decision and saves us having to go out and get extra things that you need to go along with the pool (blow up pump, hose, fasteners, liner, etc, etc). 

Aside from that, everything else has been prepped and ready for weeks now: our labour day supplies, everything on the midwife's lists, our backup hospital bag, installed carseat, freezer meals. I also ended up testing positive for Group B Strep at my 37 week test, so we also grab the antibiotics for that that'll need to be given to me either when my water breaks or active labour begins, whichever happens first. 

I've also been having a weird combination of good and bad sleeps at the same time. For the past few nights I've been waking up almost exactly every two hours to either just be awake or to use the bathroom; it's made for a bit of a sleepier morning with constantly having been up throughout the entire night, but in between the wake ups, I've had some of the deepest sleeps I've probably ever had and have been waking up super stiff (drool and all). My chiropractor explained the waking soreness in a new light that I hadn't heard about before sharing that near the end of pregnancy, it's theorized that there's a metabolic change in our bodies that allows our body (& baby) to know to prepare for--and ultimately start--labour. Nearing the end of our pregnancies, our baby is getting too big to be supported entirely by our bodies + placenta, so therefore it's in it's best interest to start the labour process and join us earthside to further it's nurturing + growth. Our bodies naturally then sleep heavier in order to try and replenish our own nutrients and energy reserves that are constantly working to sustain baby's life during it's last couple of weeks inside of the belly. Normally it's a subconscious reaction for our body's to change positions during a night's sleep when things become sore or a little uncomfortable, whereas in these later stages of pregnancy, that reaction isn't taking place due to the body's need to really focus on replenishing and resting before labour begins. 

With that being said, I've also had my last chiropractor appointment while pregnant which feels sooooo surreal. It really feels like I had only just begun my sessions a few weeks ago. 

We're here waiting for you baby, all ready for you whenever you're ready for this journey. 


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