The Barefoot Baby - 37 Weeks Pregnant

Today technically marks our being full term with our baby; thirty-seven weeks. The very true fact that there is a finite end to this whole journey--and that it’s approaching and could happen at basically any moment now--is both so unbelievably exciting weaved in with the odd brief seed of panic. Maybe panic is a bit too animated of a word to use, but every now and again I get this super brief surge of fear, of knowing that very soon this baby has to come out into the real world, and that there is no other option; it’s not a matter of if it’s happening, it’s a matter of when. But, just as quickly as those feelings pass over me, they fade away again and I am left with the overwhelming excitement of physically having our baby here with us, in our home, in our arms.

Last week, we also had some maternity photos taken by our friend, Emily Oud; we cannot thank her enough for these shots of the three of us. You can see more images over on her full blog post of our session. 

I think what I’m most excited about at this moment, is being able to hand our baby over to Mark; to give him the time and space to be able to feel and hold them for himself and just be able to feel the movements and energy that I’ve been feeling over these last nine months. I can’t wait to finally be able to share that with him. I think that’ll be a thought that I return to often throughout labour; that at the end of it all, Mark will be able to physically hold onto our fresh little babe. I do, however, keep returning to the thought of no longer being pregnant, and realizing how weird--yet maybe wonderful--that will feel? I’ve enjoyed being pregnant up until this point; it’s never been something of a burden or something that has caused me trouble. I’ve been so blessed to be able to have such a smooth journey thus far, without even a lot of discomfort or the slightest of complications. That is certainly something that I do not take for granted.

My biggest curiosity this past week has been wondering what contractions are going to feel like for me; it’s the one major unknown where the anticipation of finding out can make me anxious if I allow it to do so. I feel as though it’s one of the bigger things that there’s no way that I can prepare for since I’ve never experienced before, so just another patience test/lesson for me in the meantime while I wait to find out. I did learn yesterday that I’ve most likely been having braxton hicks contractions for the past few weeks without even realizing that that’s what they were/are. For weeks I’ve been having these neat-feeling stomach contortions that I’ve always associated with the baby just pushing it’s back/butt out really far causing my stomach to be hard on one side; but, after getting a baby update email in my inbox yesterday differentiating braxton hicks from regular contractions and thoroughly explaining what they might feel like, I realized that what I’ve been feeling and sharing with Mark over the last few weeks might have in fact been BH and not just baby pressure haha who knew!


Supplement update:

  • This past week I have already been taking an evening primrose oil capsule twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Starting today, I am able to begin my EZ Birth homeopathic remedy, as well as beginning to drink Red Raspberry Leaf tea as regularly as I’d like to.
  • Next week at 38 weeks, I’ll up my evening primrose oil capsule dosage slightly while continuing to integrate all of the other little remedies into our daily/weekly routine.

In the realm of all things home birth, we are--dare I say--almost 100% ready to go. We officially have everything organized and in it’s place for labour, post-birth, and hospital transfer if need be. Absolutely everything is in order and is easily accessible for whenever it’s needed. The only thing that would make us not 100% ready is that our pool hasn’t been dropped off just yet, but that will be happening next week as they only drop it off two weeks prior to your due date.

Whoa baby. Full term.
Can’t wait to see your little face.

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