My Best 3 Instagram Secrets You Need to Know

It’s no secret that Instagram is the most-used and leveraged app on my iPhone; it’s become such a great way to engage directly with others who relate to who I am and what I have to offer, but more than that, it’s also become the perfect platform to share looks into multiple facets of my life.

Although in the past I’ve played around with pigeon-holing my instagram feed into either strictly personal or photography-related posts, time and time again I’ve come back to what feels the very best for me, and that is to utilize the app to share a look into all aspects of my life, personally and professionally alike. It’s when I’m sharing little bits of everything with my followers that I feel most like myself and most inspired to create and share to begin with. When I tried out a photography-only account, I felt restricted, uninspired, and most importantly, I felt like I wasn’t being true to myself.


I know, I know...sharing pieces of your personal life isn’t something that comes easy for everyone, but it’s something that can be practiced and can become more familiar over time. If you’re ready to start taking a few small steps into integrating more of your heart into your social feeds, then you are at the right place because today I want to share with you a few simple ways that you can infuse more of yourself into your social accounts starting today, as well as the reasoning behind why these steps are really going to make a difference in your following and your engagement.


Want to know a secret? If I click onto a new instagram account and can’t see a picture of you in the first 9-12 squares, then I am out of there faster than I came in. I’m not someone who follows other photography accounts for the fun of it because I myself am never looking to hire my own photographer, so why would I hang around an account that is solely marketing towards newly engaged couples? I want to connect with people, I want to see who is behind whatever is being shared, and I want to know more about you--it’s as simple as that.

Reason why this is important

People connect with people, and they are going to resonate with other humans more than they will with a pretty wedding photo, or picture of calligraphy, or bouquet of flowers. Think about it this way, if all of the accounts that you followed were that of photographer and thus only saw wedding and elopement images every single time you scrolled or swiped through Instagram stories, how long would you continue using Instagram until you became bored? If you never ever saw any behind the scenes, read anything more than a pretty adjective-filled caption, or saw the face of whoever was doing the posting, would you ever feel like engaging?

Think about a couple of your favourite instagram accounts right now? What keeps you coming back to their feeds? Which of their posts are you most excited to see?


Let me say it for you before you get the chance to tell me: “But my life is soooo boring, nobody wants to see what I get up to on a daily basis!”

Read your mind right?

If I had a dollar for every time one of my mentees told me that they couldn’t share more on their instagram because they live a regular and boring life, I would never have to pay for my own coffee ever again. Truth is, we all--at one point or another--think that our own lives are boring; that’s not because they actually are, but rather because they are simply familiar to us. The fascinating thing about our own lives are that they are just that, our own; even though we might be on a similar journey as someone else, there are still aspects that make our own path unique, and people like to be let in on those little differences. There’s no way that I can prove this to you without you just trying it out and seeing what happens; start small and simple, and just share something that makes you you. Whether that be you favourite recipe or meal, what book you’re currently reading, your latest podcast obsession, or your favourite new place to grab coffee, there’s no right or wrong answer here, just give us a little look into your everyday, and start to see your followers connect with you in a brand new way.

Reason why this is important

We’re curious by nature, we LOVE to see what everyone else is up to; we like to see how someone else packs their bags, or prepares their meals, or photographs their couples, or wrap their Christmas presents. I promise, only good things can come from sharing little snippets of that wildly boring life of yours ;)

Choose which overarching themes/topics/pieces of your life make you, you, and continue to share those.

When I’m talking about overarching themes or topics, I’m referring to the different avenues of who you are that make up the varying facets of your life.

Are you a parent?
A business owner?
A dog-lover?
A coffee drinker?
A recipe wizard?  

What are some avenues of your life that you feel passionate about and want to share with others? Start by writing out things that you like or are drawn to and see where that takes you. For me, these topics consist of: photography, parenthood, lifestyle, business/education; these are the topics that guide my social feeds and that keep me connected to a much wider range of people than if I shared wedding/elopement images alone.

Reason why this is important

Like I just mentioned, if I’m only sharing images of couples in wedding clothes, then I’m only speaking and connecting with a very small audience consisting of either newlyweds-to-be, or other photographers; but, if I broaden my sharing-scope to all of the areas that I listed earlier, than I broaden my reach and points of connection to four or five times the people than if I was just sharing photography alone.

I promise that the hardest part in all of this is just taking the first step to start. The more you practice, the more familiar this will all feel, and most importantly, the more inspired you will begin to feel again.