Three Ways to Cultivate a Healthier Work-Life Balance

Finding the perfect work-life balance can usually feel like you’re a dog chasing it’s tail; you’re hustling and hustling without ever making any progress. As creative entrepreneurs with a serious social media addiction, we often fear as if we’re missing out--or even worse--missing out on potential work, whenever we put our phones down. Our habits and connection to our phones and social feeds wear into our real offline lives, which can then lead to a plethora of other issues, such as: irritability, lack of proper sleep, disconnection, lack of focus, moodiness, feelings of jealousy and comparison, feelings of lack, and so many other negative emotions that we would feel so better if we lived without.

Do you feel like your drowning in the need to always keep up with whatever is happening online? Are you afraid of missing out on work if you decide to take one day away from your technology?

Here are three tips that I’ve implemented into my own work/life routine that have made a real difference in my work-life wellbeing, as well as making me feel more in control of my business and offline time.


1 - give yourself hours and boundaries when it comes to work and communication with your clients.

I used to bend limitlessly to accommodate everyone else’s timelines and schedules, which ended in negating to care about my own. I would meet up whenever the timing worked for everyone else, schedule sessions whenever everyone else had the time, and tried to respond to everyone’s emails even when I was spending time with my family or watching a movie with Mark in the evenings. The best--and healthiest--thing that I’ve ever done for my business was implement my own office hours as well create some serious boundaries when it comes to client communication.

2 - give yourself times during your work days where you engage fully with your social feeds and try to work within those times as best as you can.

What I mean by this, is that rather than answering comments or DMs on a whim, during the hours following a post, or when you’re sitting around with your family, schedule in some engagement-time during your work days so that you can carve out dedicated and distraction-free time to fully be present online instead of being semi-present while you simultaneously try to make dinner and scroll comments. Giving yourself some regulated time to check-in, respond, comment, and share with allow you to live the non-work time in your life free from the worry that you’re missing out, or neglecting to engage.

3 - Create a folder on your phone that can house all of the content that you’re collecting and want to share on your feed in the future.

I’ve personally found that I can’t always write many or all of my captions too far in advance, not plan my posts weeks out at a time, but still having a place for all of your images will help you to feel more organized and on top of things when it comes to posting; plus it’ll give you a good look at what colours, styles, or sorts of images you have on hand and will fit well into your grid at that point in time.