Have I Failed Myself? — Thoughts That I Had While Prepping for my Launch

This blog post feels like the good ol’ days; nothing planned, just me and some thoughts that have started to come up for me as I work through this rebrand and relaunch of my new journey as a creative entrepreneur. I wanted to bring you all right into the belly of self-doubt with me as I stay there—if only for a while tonight—and let you see what we all go through, despite what things may seem to look like from the outside looking in.

Granted, I’m beyond-words excited for this. Being able to work in quiet; sowing my own entrepreneurial seeds, without sharing much of what’s been going on, for literally months on end (something that I don’t think I’ve ever done when it’s come to work before) has gotten me through a time in my life that’s really felt trying and stagnant. But, the flip side of all that I’ve been doing, is that there’s a chance of it not being received in the way that I hope it too. Or rather, I think that if we did a bit deeper into that, there’s a fear of feeling as though I’ve failed myself.


Thankfully, I’ve been in the thick of it multiple times before, and it’s in those tough moments that I’ve been forced to trust myself time and time again; because at the end of the day, what other option do we have? We need to learn to rely on ourselves, on our intuition, on the nudges that we’re given when we’re open to listening. We show up for ourselves first, and then for those who we love, and we keep showing up and serving with kindness, lessons, and love, because that is what we are here to do.

You cannot fail if you continue to show up,
stand back up,
try another time,
learn your lesson,
wander through growth,
all the while remaining true to yourself at the centre of it all.

We all feel the fear, of course we do.
But it’s how we act—in spite of that fear—that propels us further on our own journey.

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