Willa Darling - February 12, 2019

Ten months ago we began unintentionally keeping a wonderful little secret; what started as not wanting to share too soon, turned into not wanting to share until later, and finally turned into not wanting to share at all, and now, as of February 12th at 11:08pm, here we are — a family of four .of four .

Willa Darling Lafond born right here at home after a peaceful and short labour; surrounded by a safe space and supported by our same incredible midwife who aided in bringing Birdy into the world almost exactly two years ago.

I have so much more to share and of course a birth story to come in the following weeks, but for now, we wanted to share with you a look into what these last ten months have been like for us.

Love Mark, Kaihla, Birdy, and Willa

Kaihla Lafond4 Comments