35mm Double Exposure

I've always been intrigued by double exposure photography, but never had the chance to dabble in the real thing! I've played around with the "multiple exposure" setting on my DSLR countless times, but the results yielded were never entirely satisfying.As you might know, Mark is in a summer art class at the U of A, and has been doing a ton of cool assignments within the past couple months--a lot of which involve photography :) we went out together to try double exposure for the very first time on film for one of Mark's assignments, and we both are so excited with the way things turned out!! It was probably rather humorous to those walking by watching us debate on how we could make a double exposure work; and to be honest, we both thought we'd just end up with a majority empty, messed up roll of film :p hahah

I'm REALLY inclined to try some double exposure stuff out with portrait clients and maybe even a wedding client every now and again! ;) Let me know if you have any double exposure questions, since now we're basically both pros ;)