$4 Kraft Paper Calendar -- DIY

If you read my latest Barefoot Bride update, then you'll know that things have been a getting a little hectic as our wedding creeps closer; with the increase in work for me, the full time job for Mark, and a thousand little wedding details that need to get done (like getting a marriage licence, making banners, buying the rest of our dish ware etc), we've been having a hard time keeping track on it all via both our digital and physical day planners/calendars. For a couple weeks now, Mark's had the idea of getting a big brown paper roll (you know like the ones that they have at Montanas that they rip from to make your "tablecloth" haha?) and making a calendar out of it. At first I didn't really get his vision, and it wasn't until I came home to him drawing the most precisely measured calendar squares did I begin to visualize his thought process. DSC_2942

We found this roll at Staples for four or five dollars, picked up a brand new big Sharpie (who else is obsessed with brand new Sharpies??), and were all set to make this calendar happen! Mark's the precise and thorough one, so he made all of the boxes/outlines, and I'm the once who's too impatient to use a ruler, so I was in charge of all of the writing. Due to the height of our roof and the position it was being hung, we were able to fit both June + July so that they were viewable at the same time. Originally, this started out as a way to keep us organized and on track up until the wedding, but I'm so in love with this calendar that it might just become a new staple in our kitchen!


Since our house is rad (and ancient), we have these cool pipes to use as the holder for the calendar; therefore if your house isn't equipped with said pipes, you'll just have to get creative on how you want to hang the roll :) p.s if you try this out and end up hanging this DIY in your place, I'd love to see a picture!! Tag me (@kaihlatonai) on Instagram!!