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Perri + Kirby - New Years Eve

You can't help but be drawn in by the energy that emanates from these two; Kirby is the quiet constant of safety and grounded-ness, while Perri is the free-spirited and open-hearted bright light. Together they are the intricate yet simple epitome of balance. I could not have asked for a better way to photograph my first ever New Year's Eve wedding than with these two + their family + friends.

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Photography Founded on Trust

Life feels at it’s fullest when we are given the unrestricted, whole-hearted permission to be ourselves. Over the course of the last couple of years, I’ve learned first hand how restricting and uncomfortable it can be to not be given the space to be who we truly know ourselves to be. This realization has since been the very foundation of my business.

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Emily + Dallas - August 13, 2016
Emily + Dallas - August 13, 2016
Ali + Regan - Wedding
Melissa + Jake - July 23, 2016
Ang + Jim - July 16, 2016
Wedding Season Recap {2015} - Kaihla Tonai
Are You Worthy Of the Love That You're Given?
Elizabeth + Stephane - September 26, 2015
Shealyn + Justin - August 29th, 2015
Dana + Tom - August 22nd, 2015 {Sparkling Hill Resort, Vernon BC}
Meghan + Bryon - August 20th, 2015 {Jasper, Alberta}
Kirsti + Ryan {August 15th, 2015}
Lauren + Tyler - July 18, 2015