Aeropress Coffee -- How We Do It

Mark and I used to be big into french press; it was simple, you needed very little "equipment", and to be completely honest, the thought of using an aeropress seemed a little daunting, and all around like too much work to do every morning. Since May, we've been utilizing our Aeropress + other items every single day, and haven't looked back since. Mark is the half of our relationship with a strength in measuring + precision, so he's normally the one who makes coffee for us each and every morning, and although it does take a little bit of effort, once you familiarize yourself with the process, you'll get super efficient at making it. This process is also great for travelling/camping since nothing needs to be plugged in. DSC_7872

Here's what we like to use for the process (you can actually find everything pictured at Phil + Seb/Rosso if you feel like getting everything at the same place):

  • An aeropress (you can find these all over the place)
  • The filters for the press (these will come with the press)
  • A weight scale. We use the Hario little scale; it's great for this because it weights + times at the same time (since you'll need a timer)
  • A bean grinder. Ours is a small burr hand grinder.
  • A scoop/spoon + the paddle that comes with the aeropress
  • Little bowl (if you'd like!)
  • A kettle to boil water
  • Beans (these are our absolute faaaavourite!)


  1. First things first, ensure that your press is set up like the picture above: with the plunger being pushed into the bottom of the number 4
  2. Then you can start your water to get it boiling
  3. While you wait for your water to boil, measure out 15.0 grams of coffee beans
  4. Transfer those beans into the grinder (on a medium-coarse grind) and grind

DSC_7878DSC_7879DSC_7880 DSC_7883

5. Place a paper filter into your black aeropress filter (we put ours into a bowl--you'll see why soon) 6.Once your water boils, allow it to cool for 60 seconds 7. Pour your coffee grounds into your press, set it onto your scale, and tare the scale


8. Using your boiled water, pour some into the mug you're going to be using (to warm it up), and drip a little bit onto the pater filter; this will not only take away the paper taste (if any), but it will also make the paper stick to the filter. 9. Then begin pouring your water into the aeropress. Start your timer. Fill the press with boiling water until it reaches 120.0 grams. 10. When the timer gets to 45 seconds, add in the rest of your water until the scale reaches 240 grams 11. Once you fill the press to 240 grams, immediately use the black paddle/stir stick to stir around your water + grounds; this will ensure all the beans to be fully submerged and will also allow any gases to escape


12. Once the timer reaches 1:30, place your black filter cover + paper onto the press, dump out the water that was warming your glass, and flip the press over onto your mug 13. Using a slow, consistent pressure, press the coffee into your cup 14.  As soon as you hear a hissing sound (at the end of your press) stop pressing, flip back over, and discard your grounds.

DSC_7903DSC_7904DSC_7911Are you an aeropresser?? If not, what's your favourite way to make your coffee in the morning? If you have any questions about our process, feel free to leave them below and we'll help you out with whatever we can!! Happy Tuesday, friends!