Alexis + Russell - At Home Lifestyle Session

Alexis and Russell have the most welcoming and inclusive personalities. They're humour individually emits such a charismatic and positive vibe, but these two combined give off a contagious energy that leaves your day feeling that much brighter. They are those rare friends that even though you may not have known them for long, or you may not see them often, you cherish their friendship because it's authentic, down-to-earth, and so very one and only. I met Russell through Mark, as both of them were in the Industrial Design program at the U of A, and through Russell the both of us met Alexis; who turns out to have a good amount of family in Cold Lake and used to visit endlessly during her childhood. I find it so incredibly fascinating to be welcomed into a home, only to leave with so many more connections than you came with.

"Cause after all this time Still don't know where we’re going But look how far we've come And as long as you're just as lost as I am I'll hold you in the morning Like we're the lucky ones" -the lucky ones (LIGHTS)


These sessions are so near and dear to my heart because they're so honest. My couples are so vulnerable, so trusting, and they let us see and learn so much more than we would during a regular outdoor session; I bet if you looked hard enough through these images you'd be able to name a handful of Countries that Alexis has visited, guess if they prefer coffee or tea, or see the easygoing joy present in their marriage. I'm so very excited to leave you with these images; feel free to press pray on the song below while you scroll through the rest of this post :)

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Thank you two from the bottom of my heart for allowing my vision to come to life ♡ Mark & I are looking forward to getting together soon!! If you're interested in inquiring about your own at home lifestyle session, feel free to use the "BOOK" tab at the top of this page ^^^ or send me an email