Ang + Jim - Canmore Engagement Session {Kaihla Tonai}

This career for me is always fluctuating; there are some days when I feel that everything is ebbing and flowing with a deep sense of trust + understanding between myself and my couples, and then there are days where I feel as though I'm just not fully connecting with them. Then there are couples like Ang and Jim. Couples that show up and sink comfortably into the arms of one another. Couples that wash our moments together over with a sense of ease. Couples that are easygoing and understanding. Couples that force me to walk away from our time together longing for the next time that we cross paths. Ang + Jim is this couple for me. It's people like them that reinforce the trajectory of my entire journey.

Push play.

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There's something so incredibly beautiful, don't you think, about finding yourself surrounded by arms that you can so easily trust.

That every single decision that you have ever made in your life up until this point—no matter how quick and spontaneous, or well thought out— has led you to finding one another. kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0116kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0108kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0110kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0109kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0117kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0119kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0115kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0113kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0118kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0112kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0122kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0121kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0123kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0124kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0125kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0126kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0127kaihla_tonai_free_spirit_wedding_photographer_0128