ANNETTE - Free Spirit Retreat

Annette (& Brad!) were one of my 2015 wedding couples; they got married last April in Cancun, Mexico. Since her and I live rather far apart, I was so excited to have her sign up to be a part of our Free Spirit Retreat!! Push play on the following song, and have a read through her words about the retreat + images from her Free Spirit session. [audio mp3=""][/audio]


"I think we live in a place where comparisons are commonplace. I’ve often compared myself with other women – usually ranking myself below them because of looks or success. It took me a long time to realize that I was doing myself a very big disservice by comparing myself this way. I am learning to recognize my own self worth. I am worthy of a high ranking in my own life and all people are worthy of the same.


What did you take out of the retreat? So so many things! First of all and mainly, the memories of time spent with ten amazing sisters. My head and my heart were so full after such a quick weekend. It just goes to show how quickly it takes for one small moment (in the grand scheme of life) to touch your heart and change your paradigms.

Were you scared to come to the retreat? Yes! It was a total mix of excitement and nervousness. It was mostly based on the age-old fear of acceptance and also just the anxiety of travelling and going somewhere new alone – I’m not as brave as I used to be!

What gave you the courage to show up anyway? I think the nervousness is what pushed me the most. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. Also my husband encouraging me to go was also a big driving force!

Were you glad you did? Definitely! It was such a cleansing weekend – so good for the soul. I have such a respect and love for each and every sister there. It was such a pleasure to have had the opportunity to spend that time with them.

Where else can you apply that courage in your life? It reminded me of how much I can learn by taking chances and stepping out of my comfort zone. I learned to have the courage to meet and open up to new people."