Ashley + Clint - Houston, Texas Elopement Photographer

She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. He just stood there for a moment before turning around to face her. They stood together on the boardwalk amongst the evergreens and the bird songs as they exchanged letters, and quietly, yet in sync, read each other's words. Once finished, they stood together in a silent pre-ceremony embrace, both visibly filled with joy and anticipation. Hand in hand, they strolled back down the path and stood together as they waited to be married.


Ashley and Clint's forest elopement was unlike anything I had ever experienced before; there was something so remarkable and humbling about being one out of only a few to witness such an intimate affair. Together, they faced each other nestled deep in the Huntsville State Park just the two of them, Father Jerald, Clint's mom (with her puppy!), and us. We felt so honoured to be able to be there, to be entrusted with capturing a moment so sacred to the two of them, and so very grateful for simply being able to witness such an honest moment. It was the perfect mix of emotions, and a seamless blend of us within nature.


Wedding Dress: Beige Vintage Co. Floral Crown: Roses and Lemons Bouquet: The Flower Patch Ceremony Location: Huntsville State Park, Huntsville, Texas

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