August 18, 2014

I think that now is a good time to admit that I'm beginning to crave fall. I'm guessing that it's regular behaviour for most of us to get like this every single year; we've enjoyed that sweet summertime and have collected armfuls of memories & nostalgia, but we're beginning to feel that tug from quiet nights, cozy sweaters, and our own abodes lit up by candlelight and wafting the smell of cinnamon and leaves. I can't help but hide my love for all things fall (who's with me?!) and this renewed inspiration, as well as our super brief day trip to Edmonton yesterday, left me craving our cozy little apartment. I'd be lying if I told you that the season itself was the only thing making me eager for September, since it's also going to mean having plenty more time to finally up the anti on my blog. I've been brainstorming all summer on how I'm going to re-evaluate and amp up my blogging, and I cannot wait to have a chilly week indoors this fall to really start putting everything into play. Since things have been a bit quiet around here lately (for good reason! We've been crossing a TON of things off of our Calgary Summer 2014 Bucket List!), I thought I'd do a mini catch up and show you what's been on my mind lately. Ever since getting the news that we will FOR SURE be returning to Calgary (to stay!!) next May, my mind has already been day dreaming of ways to FINALLY create the creative, comfortable, welcoming, and cozy space that Mark & I have been waiting to create the ENTIRE time that we've been apartment hopping while going to school in Edmonton. It's time to really start working towards a space that really reflects this free spirited heart of mine.


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