August 25, 2014

Calgary has been so INCREDIBLY good to us. As I sit here this morning, I think it has finally sunk in that in 7 days we'll be heading back to Edmonton so that Mark can finish out his degree at the U of A. We could have never imaged how amazing our summer here would be; we had no idea of the connections & friendships that would shape and grow within only a couple short months. This past weekend was one for the books; it was as full as it possibly could have been, and I don't think that we would have wanted it any other way. Friday we spent time sharing a meal with Mark's cousin & girlfriend who have just moved here from Nova Scotia (we ate WAY too much at Black Betty's) & we of course introduced them to the dangerous indulgence that is Village Ice Cream. Saturday was a work day for me, as I spent it in the heart of the Rocky Mountains second shooting an incredible, relaxed, and intimate wedding. If you've been following Mark & I on Instagram, then you may have seen that even though we JUST bought the Oh She Glows cookbook, that we've quickly become obsessed with it, and have already made numerous recipes from it's pages (P.S you NEED to make the Crispy Almond Oat Cookies ASAP if you haven't already!!!) Post-wedding on Saturday, I came home to find Mark cooking me the most incredible meal straight out of the cookbook--beet salad with toasted hazelnuts & balsamic reduction, paired with grilled dill carrots annnnd rounded out with a Wraspberry beer ;) I plan to do some more posts regarding that cookbook in the fall, since it's already the BEST resource I've found for gluten-free, egg-free, vegan etc recipes yet!!


Sunday will go down as the most fun, inspiring, creative, and passion-igniting collaborations yet! Melanie Laurene brought together the RADDEST team to work on a custom session for her jewellery line, and it couldn't have gone any better. Sally Buchanan worked her magic on the girls' makeup, Kelsey from Free People Calgary helped us out in the outfit department, our models were so cohesive and STUNNING, and everyone's input & creative visions made for some of the most soul-satisfying imagery that I've gotten to be a part of. Once I work through the images, I not only want to share a full post entirely dedicated to last night's session, but I also want to be able to share a FULL behind the scenes look at everything that went down with the incredible group of ladies! (THANKYOU Mark for hanging out with all of these babes yesterday and snapping shots for us!!)

If you want to add some AMAZING ladies to your Instagram feed, you can find the girls below (from left to right): Erica (@fleetandwander) Melanie (@melanielaurene) Sally (@sallybuchanan) Emma (@emmaalessandra) Mandi (@mandigillis) Kaihla (@kaihlatonai)

Not pictured; Mark (@mlafond)