Baby Harper

For the first time in my life, I have a little buddy to share my Birthday with! This sweet little girl is my second cousin, and she was born a little over two weeks ago on November 8, 2013. Even before she was born, I knew that I would want to capture her as a newborn; even though it's not something that I've done much of before. At fourteen days new, we were able to get together and have a session with Harper Beth. This cute little thing was soooo curious the whole session that she fought sleep the entire time just so she could keep an eye on me; not that I mind, the yawning pictures are some of my favourite!!

DSC_3332 This was my first time shooting a newborn, and I'm already excited to learn more about this area of photography; I am incredibly attracted to the "lifestyle" newborn look and would absolutely love to learn + pursue more down that avenue. My next goal is to incorporate parents, baby + their home surroundings!


The last image is my very favourite....who can resist a baby peace sign?!

DSC_3346 Do you have a favourite "Lifestyle Newborn" photographer?? Leave their names + links down below, I'd love to browse through your favourites!