The Barefoot Baby

After finding out that we were pregnant, I began documenting the whole experience--once the symptoms started kicking in--so that I'd be able to share this with you guys once we had announced our little surprise. I started with week seven, and have continued/will continue every second week (unless something else happens that needs to be documented in between weeks!). Thank you for being here, friends. Feel free to leave any questions or comments down below! Enjoy week seven...the start of the worst couple of weeks to come haha "As I was typing in the title of this post, my fingers slipped and I began to type “The Barf” before correcting it to say “The Barefoot Baby”; although at this point, I’m thinking the accidental title may be more appropriate. Even seeing the word barf is almost too much to take at this point. As I’m sitting here writing this post, I’m sipping on hot water infused with ginger, which is my latest necessity to keeping the weird stomach feelings at bay. I’ll let you know how I feel about it in a day or two, considering my taste buds and stomach seem to flip on a dime.

As of two days ago, July 11, 2016, I am seven weeks pregnant. We’ve been away visiting both my family, followed by staying with Mark’s family, so having to secretly go through all of the recent symptoms I’ve been experiencing hasn’t been the easiest, especially when I can basically fall asleep sitting up mid conversation. Granted, my symptoms have been relatively recent, so hiding our little secret has been mostly manageable (with a few escapes to the bathroom to lay on the floor in private in order to curb my nausea).  

You always hear about “morning sickness” from other women who are going through it, or who have been through it in the past, and I’ve never fully thought that it was something so “serious” for lack of a better word. Being sick is never fun, but could it really be thaaaaat bad? Well let me tell you, Y E S, it can. Thankfully, I’m never nauseous to the point of physically getting sick; it’s more of a constant queasy feeling that never really goes away. You wake up, it’s there. You go to sleep, it’s there. You move too quickly, it worsens. You try to do too much, it forces you to sit back down.


I remember when my sister was pregnant, she would get all sick at the mention of certain foods. From time to time we would tease her by saying her current food aversion aloud, and it’s now the point where I have to apologize for doing so. Food aversion is a real thing that I have never experienced, and there are already a handful of foods that I cannot even THINK about, let alone say the name of, without almost full on throwing up. Mark thinks it’s hilarious--in a not so hilarious way--how disgusted I am by certain meal ideas, food names, or mentions of meals that we’ve eaten in the past. There’s a certain food--that I honestly cannot mention at this point in time (and that we used to eat 3 times a week)--that was mentioned in a novel that I was reading (the main character was eating the same food), and it went so far as me having to put the book down for a few minutes, close my eyes, and take a few deep breathes. It’s ridiculous. It sounds so hilarious typing it all up like this, and trust me, I wish I were making this up; but it is the whole, honest, weird, truth.

Aside from the nausea, my equally strong symptom at this point is fatigue. There hasn’t been a day in the last two weeks that I haven’t experienced those two symptoms hand-in-hand. To be honest, I would probably be shocked if I weren’t tired throughout this process--especially at the beginning--my body is actually growing a human being from nothing (which, by the way, I still cannot comprehend hahah like WHAT). Normally, napping is not something that I ever resort to doing; I’ve always felt that having naps make me feel really gross, and I’ve just never felt the need to sleep in the middle of the day. With that being said, I can now not make it through a day without having a nap. As hard as it is for me sometimes, I am trying to learn to trust my body; if it knows how to create life all on it’s own, then it must be pretty accurate with its fatigue cues, so the least I could do is listen to it.

Aside from those two main symptoms, I’m also peeing more than I ever have (which is hard to believe that that was possible), and have the most superhuman sense of smell. I’ve always had relatively good senses, especially where hearing and smelling were concerned, but this is on a whole new level. The other day, when sitting in the living room at Mark’s family cabin two rooms away from the kitchen, I stopped reading my book and told Mark that I could smell poptarts. He kind of laughed and went back to playing solitaire, and I told him “No I’m serious, they’re strawberry”. I got up, made my way through the dining room into the kitchen and found an unopened box of strawberry poptarts (in a house that doesn’t usually have poptarts haha). It’s kind of crazy."