The Barefoot Bride {part 03} ☮ Choosing A Photographer

I mentioned in the very first Barefoot Bride post a few weeks ago that Mark and I were in no specific rush when it came to when we were going to have our wedding; in terms of either planning it for the summer of 2015 or waiting until the summer of 2016; however, once we did decide and commit to having it in July of 2015, there were definitely a couple of things that we were going to have to secure ASAP if we wanted to have everything come together. Obviously the first thing that you need to decide as a couple prior to being able to book any other vendor for your wedding, is to choose a specific date. Mark and I aren't picky people, so we didn't have too many preferences (like superstitions or special numbers) when it came to choosing our wedding day; but, due to my already pretty full wedding schedule for this coming summer, our weekends were rather limited. After deciding on the date, we then started with what we considered to be the most important "vendors". The first person that we wanted to lock down was a no brainer for us--who did we want as our wedding photographer?  There are countless photographers that I adore, and with so much incredible talent in the photography world, I didn't know if we were equipped to make such an important decision. Can I just take one second to express my gratitude towards all of my amazing couples who have put their faith in me as their own wedding photographer??! I whole-heartedly understand the fear of investing so much into such an important and vital part of your life, and I want you all to know that I appreciate each & every one of you AND that I do not take my job to serve you lightly. Wedding photography for us is so much more than a professional client-photographer relationship; in fact, it's not even about that at all. For us, hiring a photographer was all about a connection, a shared philosophy, and the potential for an incredible life-long friendship. After frantically searching for local photographers that I had felt would be a good fit for us, and us for them, I becamequickly disheartened after ending the first two days of my search without results. After stepping away from the computer and trying to take my focus away from the time-sensitive search at hand, one photographer's name who's work & words I had fallen in love with months earlier, came to mind. Kenzie Kate's work was what had initially caught my attention this past winter, but even more so, the way that she expressed herself through writing and the philosophy behind her photography was where the honest soul connection had begun. Every word that I read on her blog spoke straight to my heart, and Mark & I just knew that we HAD to have her as part of our wedding--not only as our photographer, but also as our friend. I cannot even BEGIN to express how EXCITED we are to connect with Kenzie over the course of this coming year, and even more so to be able to have her as a part of one of the most important days of our lives!! SERIOUSLY I got soooo giddy putting together this mini collage above of just a small snippet of some of her work! If you haven't checked out her work--or more importantly, her "philosophy", DEFINITELY stop reading this right now and check it out; not gonna lie, the connection I felt to her words hit me so hard that I may or may not have teared up reading the "WHY" behind her photography....You can find Kenzie Kate at ANY of the links below:


  ***ALL of the below images were taken by Kenzie Kate***kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0305

 As a photographer AND a bride-&-groom-to-be who just went through the process of choosing a photographer, here are our top tips for you in choosing a photographer of your own:

  • Find somebody that you CONNECT with; loving their photography and their style is just the initial layer of attraction, I'd advise you read their "about me", read their blog posts, and ask them WHY they photograph people. If having a deep connection with another human being is important to you, then don't be content with just pretty pictures--your photographer should have more to give.
  • Search for someone who you could see yourself being friends with. At least from my point of view as a business owner, I always treat my couples as my friends, because that's what they are to me. Your photographer should be somebody who you love spending time with, and who values you as more than just a "client".
  • Find a photographer who you not only connect with, but who also photographs the type of wedding that you're having. Photographers get excited about the types of weddings that they "specialize in", so if you're wanting to work with somebody who would capture your small intimate forest wedding in the best possible light, then try and find a photographer who specializes in those types of weddings. For example, Mark and I wanted to find someone who was a little indie, and shot non-traditional weddings, and captured real honest emotion; so as opposed to contacting a photographer who only shoots huge, classic, ball gown & light and airy weddings, we found the perfect photographer who fit our niche (& we fit theirs!)
  • If you don't have any particular pull (or superstitions) towards specific wedding dates and you have found a photographer that you MUST have as a part of your wedding, I would strongly advise you to get in touch with them PRIOR to choosing your wedding date and inquiring about the dates that they have remaining. Wedding photographers book up rather quickly, so being open to working around THEIR schedule can be very beneficial, and you will avoid any let down on them already being booked up.

Can I just reiterate how PUMPED Mark & I about having Kenzie be a part of our day?!!! Ahhhhh!! This process is so fun! P.S Is there any specific wedding planning or wedding related questions that you have or that you'd like me to talk about in one of my upcoming Barefoot Bride posts?! If so, feel free to leave it in the comment section below OR send me an email :)