The Barefoot Bride {part 04} ☮ Decor Shopping & Deciding How To Spend Our Money

I've never been very good at budgeting; in fact, whenever I try to sit down and create a budget, I end up getting a bit overwhelmed or frustrated, and abandon ship quicker than I began. When it came to wedding planning, Mark and I were at the same sort of loss; how to we decide how & where we're going to spend our money? After talking to our parents, we were advised to first account for all of the "wedding necessities" that we need to have to actually HAVE a wedding i.e venue, photographer, etc. (I go into this in more detail in the video), and then from there, choose a couple of things that we absolutely MUST-HAVE to make the wedding weekend personalized to ourselves as a couple. After knocking out the necessities, we decided that there are a few areas/ideas that we'll need to put a bit more time & effort (& money) into; a few of those things being:

  • a bohemian/ethereal outdoor sitting/tent area (what today's video is all about!)
  • the mismatched 70's style dinner plates & coloured glasses that we've been collecting
  • some reaaaally cool "wedding favours" that we cannot wait to share with you!
  • our post-wedding roadtrip/honeymoon

I think the simplest way to explain it, is that we've kind of chosen one key element that will be the "focus" of our wedding weekend decor--that being the sitting area--and that's the major element of design that is going to require the most thought and money. From there, we're going to be obviously adding some accent decor (check out our moodboard for more on this!) such as some banners, the photo string I mentioned in the video below, and obviously the reception decor.

Do you have any advice when it comes to the money side of wedding planning?? We'd love to hear it!!