The Barefoot Bride {part 06} ☮ Major Wedding Purchases!!

The wedding planning process over the course of the last month or so has slowed down compared to the initial rush of getting a few “must do ASAP” items out of the way, but over our mini Christmas break in Cold Lake prior to flying down to Florida, there were a few major wedding events that happened. For one, Mark’s wedding band came in the mail and he was able to try it on for the first time! You might have already seen via Instagram, but we got his ring from a custom jewellery design shop over in Gastown in Vancouver called Cavalier; they do some really unique and out-of-the-ordinary custom designs, and we are both so happy with his ring (now he’s just got to wait another 7 months before he can wear it ;) ).


Another major wedding milestone that took place this past week was me finally ordering my wedding dress!! Earlier, I had written—and shared pictures—about the inspiration/mood board that I was basing my ideal dress around, and it’s so surreal to be able to say that I’ve placed an order and have my very own dress going into production in the New Year. I’ve dreamt about ordering a dress from Grace Loves Lace for the past year or two, and I am so very fortunate for my parents, who have brought that dream into a reality.


Wedding planning has been an interesting journey so far; it’s one of those things in life that make you feel like you’ve done so much, but yet have so much more to do. I thought that this might be a good place and time to write out what we have accomplished thus far, as well as all that we have left to do while sitting at 7 months (almost exactly) away from our wedding day!

What We Have Done Already:

Chosen a date Created an inspiration/mood board for the wedding Chosen & booked a venue Picked our photographer & sent a deposit Sent out save the dates Chosen & ordered our wedding favors (SO excited to share these with you guys!!) Picked up a wedding band for Mark Decided on a wedding band for myself  (I’ll be adding a thin, plain gold band that use to be Mark’s mom’s to my engagement ring) Had engagement photos taken Bought my wedding dress (!!!) Started collecting dinner ware from local thrift stores Visited our venue Decided on supper menu Chosen our MC’s & witnesses Asked some friends to play the music for the ceremony Chosen our first dance song

What We Have Yet To Do:

Find wedding outfit for Mark Continue collecting dinnerware until we have all that we need Decide on how our ceremony will go/who is going to preside Create wedding playlist Finalize decor decisions Purchase string lights Create & send out invitations Whip up our wedding website Figure out where we’ll order our kegs & wine from Decide on meal preparation Locate an old fashioned row boat to use for a photo of Mark & I (Mark’s grandparents took a photo in a row boat when they were around our age and we want to recreate it on our wedding day) Create a booklet of campfire songs for the Friday night Choose what we would like as our ceremony songs Brainstorm & start planning our honeymoon roadtrip

If you’re in the same boat as us right now in terms of wedding planning, how are you finding it so far?? I’d love to know if you’re finding it harder or easier than you expected it to be! As always, if you have any questions for Mark or myself regarding our process (or anything in this post) feel free to leave it down below (or get in touch via email) and we can chat!! Lastly, I’ve been brainstorming a guest “Barefoot Bride” post written entirely by Mark in order to shed some light on how he’s finding everything so far, so if you (or your man) have any questions that you would like him to answer specifically, you’re more than welcome to leave those down below as well!

Talk soon!!