The Barefoot Bride {part 07} ☮ FUN UPDATES

Lately, my mind has been in this weird middle ground of feeling as though there isn't much to do for the wedding, while simultaneously feeling like there is still plenty to do...have any of you other bride + grooms felt that way?? Our biggest thing over the last month or two has been doing our invitations; we always talked about sitting down and creating our invites, but it's the physical part of actually getting up and doing it that we were struggling with. Not only that, but with this semester coming to a close, it's been pretty tough to actually find the time to be able to both sit down together and make things happen. Mark had this vision for our invitations from the very beginning, and I fell so hard in love with his ideas!! Since our wedding is a full weekend, as opposed to one day, there was so much more information that we needed to include that "traditional" invitations usually don't; hence why this task seemed to be such a huge process haha. If you've been waiting on more wedding info from Mark and I, we apologize! ;) and we promise that these will be mailed out first thing Monday morning! DSC_5356

Here's the lowdown on our invites! We wanted to make them appear as though they were a "field notes" book complete with pages of information, maps, itineraries, etc, etc, so our first steps were planning out what we needed + wanted to include in the booklet (if you want a more extensive guide for each page, just let me know, I don't mind sharing!). Once we had a bit of a layout guide, we just sat down and wrote out the corresponding paragraphs, designed the maps, and created a weekend itinerary. We created the entire booklet on Adobe InDesign (& Mark made the mades on Adobe Illustrator). Last night we tested various papers & textures, and settled on our top picks, which means that we are ready to print and assemble all of the invites! For an added touch, we also decided to make this little wraps to hold the book shut, and they have one of my favourite quotes on them :)


In other exciting wedding news, we accidentally bought Mark his wedding outfit while we were in Calgary two weeks ago! I say accidentally because we had zero intention of even looking for suits when we went into Chinook Centre (we were actually stopping in really quick to grab Mark socks since I forgot to pack his haha). We ended up wandering into TOPMAN  just to browse around, and ended up finding ourselves amidst a room full of amazing, and slim-fitting suits! Since Mark has a slimmer frame, any suit he has ever tried on in the past would have to be tailored extensively to fit him nicely, but these suits at TOPMAN fit him soooo so well and won't hardly need any altering at all (just a slight cuff shortening!). And let me just tell you that he looks fiiiiine ;) p.s as you can tell by the image, his suit is an incredible shade of blue!! p.p.s TOPMAN has a 10% discount for students!!


Lastly, we went back and forth as to whether or not we wanted to share these with you or keep them a surprise for our wonderful guests, but we eventually decided that they were just too COOL not to post about!! It's no secret that we love craft beer around here, and that Mark has been an avid growler collector over these last 12 months, which is why we decided to have custom printed growlers as our wedding favours!! If you're not sure what a growler is, they're brown glass beer jugs that come in a variety of sizes (one that you might be familiar with looks like an old-school moonshine jug), and you can get them filled & refilled with various beers. We tinkered with the design to make a custom wedding logo, and then had the bottles custom ordered via a website called Grandstand; they shipped relatively quickly, had great customer service, and were so affordable!! We could not be more pumped with how they turned out, and are BEYOND excited for everyone to get their own in July!! These little details have been so much fun!!!


What's been your favourite part of wedding planning?? I know that I was a touch vague in this post and didn't get into a whole bunch of extensive detail, but if you have ANY questions at all about anything that I mentioned here (or anything else about our planning process), just give me a shout; I'd love to elaborate!!