The Barefoot Bride {part 08} ☮ 51 Days Away!!

We've reached that stage in this wedding planning process where we feel like there's not much left to do,  but at the same time we also feel like there's a thousand little things to do before the day actually arrives. Everyone keeps asking me how the wedding planning process is going, and I'm never really able to give a clear answer haha. In short, it's been going wonderfully; we've managed to coast through this time together relatively stress-free and clear from other's opinions on how our wedding should be. All of our "big things" have been booked for a long while now, which leaves handfuls of small details that we've been needing to set aside the time to sort out. These are a few of the major updates:

  • my wedding dress came in the mail!!!! Not only is it hard to believe that it's finally here, but it's also a bit surreal to think that this is/was the only dress that I had ever tried on AND I ordered it online. Grace Loves Lace is a magical place my friends.
  • on Sunday we dropped off  my dress and Mark's suit jacket to our tailor's. My dress has to be shortened ever-so-slightly in the front buuuut I think that's because I thought that I was taller than I actually am haha, When I ordered my dress, I inputed my height at 5'7", and then found out at the doctor a month later that I'm actually only 5'6 1/4"....oops. Mark's suit jacket also needed the most minor of adjustments, and is having it's cuffs shortened just a bit.
  • we've asked Mark's cousin to perform our "ceremony" on the day of the wedding. Since our wedding is so small and intimate, we wanted to have someone close to us actually do the ceremony (or vow ceremony as we've dubbed it) on the day of. We're now in the process of figuring out somewhat of a structure for him to loosely follow/base his words around. If anyone has ever stumbled across any mountain wedding, boho, outdoor ceremony guides, please do send them my way; I need all the resources that I can get!
  • we've started collecting our table elements for the big family-style dinner table. We have a good idea of what we want the table layout to look like, but have to really start solidifying our thoughts!
  • we're still on the hunt for a Westy to call our own. We have some promising prospects right now, so it's all just about figuring out what we can afford + finding one that's reliable and in good condition.


Since we've been stuck in a weird middle-ground of feeling like we have nothing to do, yet all the while feeling like we have plenty to do, Mark came up with the idea of creating this huge brown-papered calendar for us for the next two months (FULL post about the calendar to come soon!). We finished it last night, and I love it so much I think I want to keep it going even after the wedding is over. Not only is it filled with my own sessions + weddings, but it's also primarily filled with certain small tasks that we want to have completed by certain dates. For example, tonight on the calendar we're going to run out and get our marriage licence; one small (but very important) thing that will help to shrink down the remaining list of to-do's!


Here's a few more of the items that still need to be taken care of, just to give you a better idea of the "little things" that I've been talking about:

  • make seriously detailed weekend timeline
  • create complete menu + grocery list for the weekend
  • go out to buy fabric (for banners + napkins), as well as metal letter punches (<---super fun idea for this that I'll have to show you!)
  • finalize music playlist + make first trial list
  • make campfire singalong booklets
  • forage + gather sticks to create ceremony teepee
  • rent BBQ + keg fridge
  • choose photos to have printed for photo banner
  • find shoes + tie for Mark
  • pick up our altered wedding clothes
  • draw out the teepee sleeping arrangements

Lastly, one of the bigger things that I hadn't fully decided on until just a few days ago was getting a bouquet made. Originally, I was playing around with the idea of just collecting my own flowers + greenery on the morning of, BUT there is a good chance that the wildflowers won't be in full bloom/big enough to make something out of partway through July. I contacted my friend, Erica, over at Rhosyn Floral, and I just know that her style of floral arrangements will totally suit the look that I'm going for. To be honest, I don't even know what look I'm going for haha, but I am certainly okay with trusting her vision and creative process. Below is a collage of inspiration images that I sent to Rhosyn that I really feel reflect the look that I'm going for: messy and ethereal, with lots of greenery. If you're going through a similar process, I totally urge you to trust the vendors + other creatives that you're working for. As a wedding photographer myself, the entire process only works the way that it's supposed to if there's a full sense of trust between both parties. We all do our job--and we do it well--if you trust us, and we trust you + your vision.


image sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

I totally forgot to include this earlier in the original post, but I thought I'd add in my biggest dilemma thus far with wedding planning!....figuring out WHAT to put in my hair. My hair is going to be black (as per usual) and down + wavy/beachy, but I just can't figure out what type of headpiece to include! Did YOU wear a headpiece on your wedding day?? I'd LOVE to see pictures!! Does anyone MAKE headpieces here in the city or in Alberta?? **I've written the etsy shop name on each corresponding image if you'd like to browse more of their pieces!


If you've already had a wedding day of your own, I'd love to know what your favourite part of the planning process was for you + your fiance? I'm also really eager to start working on a few other wedding-related blog posts (that aren't just updates), such as: "5 top tips for planning a super intimate wedding" & "how to enjoy the wedding planning process without getting overwhelmed" just to give you an idea of my thought process thus far. If you have any suggestions for topics OR questions about our process, leave them here and I'll be sure and read + answer them for you!!