Bessa + Stephane + Cindi - Calgary, Alberta

Being able to see different areas of your life intermingle thanks to photography is such a neat aspect of photographing couples. I first met Bessa when I was in grade four; my family had moved to Calgary for a year so that my dad could work a startup project there, and Bessa and my sister we're 8th graders who had quickly become best friends. Granted, my 12 year old self didn't see toooo much of them as I wasn't cool enough to watch them attempt to wax their legs in our downstairs bathroom, or spend any time with them behind closed bedroom doors, but Bessa was always my favourite out of all of my big sister's friends. kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_0910

Years later, it's so incredible to see her + Stephane + their pup, Cindi living in the same neighbourhood that they grew up in, and planning what's bound to be an amazing wedding!! (Not to mention an attractive one....have you seen how stunning these two are?!). We had so much fun with you guys last weekend galavanting through the snow, and we are already looking forward to the wedding day in September!!!