Breakfast Recipes (2) -- Coconut Milk Parfait

Breakfast becomes a bit less of fun time when things get boring; which is why I wanted to share something completely different than your usual breakfast recipe. This is the perfect light, refreshing, and tasty meal that can be eaten first thing in the morning for breakfast, or at any point throughout the day as a snack! It also only requires two or three ingredients, which makes it affordable & super easy too! DSC_8333

Ingredients needed: -one can of coconut milk (avoid the "less fat" option) -berries and/or other toppings

Pour the can of coconut milk into a bowl and whisk it until it gets a bit thicker, once it's ready layer into a bowl or mason jar alternating between the coconut milk and your fruit of choice! Finish things off by topping it with a bit of granola and drizzling it with honey. C'est tout!


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