Weekly Feature - Brooke Kupcho

Do you ever meet inspiring individuals online, and just know that you'd be BFFs if only you didn't live in separate countries?! This is how I feel about today's featured lady haha I'm truly inspired and motivated by this kindred-spirit, and I am so thrilled to be able to share a bit more about her with you all today!!

Meet Brooke: I'm Brooke Kupcho, a young married girl with BIG dreams. My husband and I started Wolftree Magazine, a bi-annually printed publication that shares the stories of makers, dreamers, and adventurers. We enjoy digging deep into other's lives and sharing on People + Process. I LOVE to run. I run about 30 miles each week - it keeps me sane. My husband and I feel in love after I stalked him for half a year. We first kissed when we were 15 and that pretty much meant that we were dating. We dated straight for 7 years and got married last summer. It's been a grand blessing to walk out life with such a gentle-loving, supportive man. I eat a LOT of vegetables....unfortunately I eat a lot of candy too... My family and friend-family are my steady rock and forever support.


1. Who/what is your favorite blogger/blog to read? To be honest, I am an awful blog follower. I deeply enjoy them but find no spare time to actually 'follow' one specific blog. I enjoy to peruse blogs. I love lifestyle blogs with soul...blogs that intertwine appreciation for life, photos, and beautiful words...and food, food blogs are always good too.

2. What is your favorite creative pass time? Wolftree Magazine is quite the creative pass time (actually a full-time job too!) It allows me to share my creativity but also celebrate other's doing the same! I enjoy creating writings, leading workshops (cooking and writing), shooting photos, and being outside in nature. I deeply enjoy connecting with other creative souls and collaborating on fun projects. Alas, I also believe that being still and taking in the moment is a creative endeavor in today's world that is flooded with social media and distractions. 

3. It’s a cool, rainy, fall day and you’re cozied up on the couch with a book and hot drink; what could we find you reading, and what is in your mug? Reading: One of my many assignments for my undergrad degree. (Lame I know, but the truth.) Mug: Thick, black coffee. 

4.  If you could only choose one,  would you rather wear flannels or oversized sweaters for the entire winter season? Oversized sweaters. Boom, I said it. I love flannels and I am a No-dak/Minnesota gal through and through, but sweaters are just so dang comfy. 

5. What is one person/thing/quote/song etc. that you turn to if you’re having a less-than-positive day? Jesus. Over and over again He has proven Himself faithful.

6. What is one goal (can be personal, business related etc) that you are currently working towards this fall? Wolftree Magazine aims to nurture people's passions and to inspire others! I want to make a difference in someone's life-to show them that their passion is in their heart for a reason! That yes, they CAN be successful. I also want to help the world see that success is not money or fame-but fulfillment.

7. Leave a piece of advice to others beginning their journey down a creative pathway (whether it be photographer, writer, blogger, designer etc), what was the best thing that someone told you when starting out?  DO THE FOOTWORK. It is a hard road and many times you'll feel unsteady, but hard work never turns void. Also, networking is huge. Find that group of supporting, loving people to always lean on.

Where YOU can find Brooke:

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**Images were NOT taken by Kaihla Tonai Photography