Jamie + Chris - Kananaskis Mountain Elopement

I first met Jamie and Chris over two years ago when they ventured out to the Rocky Mountains and hired me to take some portraits of them in the wintertime. Jamie told me that there was a moment during their portrait session where I left them to stand together while I walked over to check out a location, and while they were standing there amongst the vast and ever-present mountains, they stood together and noticed the complete stillness and silence that they were surrounded by.

It was at that moment that they said “hey, what if we came back here to elope?”, and two years later, they did exactly that.

Accompanied by two of their best friends, Courtney and Dave, they made plans to drive all the way back out west from Winnipeg and just let their day unfold as it came.

When it comes to elopements, often times couples can still end up feeling a bit of planning overwhelm, but let these two be a testament to the truth that elopements can be as complex or as simple as you’d like them to be.

Thanks to family and friends who shared their guidance before leaving for Alberta, Jamie was coached on how to do her own hair and makeup. Courtney stitched up Jamie’s dress as a last minute decision with a random mini sewing kit that happened to only have white in it (and good thing, because the wind was WILD). Dave unrolled + rolled + carried their sole piece of “decor” all throughout the mountains. And they celebrated the joy of the day with a champagne picnic.

If you’re considering planning your own elopement, I’ve written a blog post guiding that entire process that you might enjoy reading, as well as curated a list of a few of the best places to elope in Alberta.

Buuuut just know, that if you are wanting to elope in Alberta or British Columbia but aren’t sure where to do it, please reach out; I always share my “off-the-beaten'-path” locations and little hidden gems with my couples ;)