A Time of Giving - Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is slowly sneaking up and I couldn't be more PUMPED! I love everything about the Christmas season; my favourite part is finding time to go home for a weekend, and see how my mom has transformed our entire house into a cinnamon-smelling-light-twinkling-decked-out wonderland!! I'm also a big gift giver, choosing the perfect gift for someone is something that I love to do; I could blow every penny I have finding gifts that I know my loved ones will enjoy. Sometimes being a student, or a self-employed photographer (in the off season) means that we have to try to restrain ourselves from spending too much money (bummer!!) which is why I wanted to offer up a few 'handmade' gift ideas that would be perfect for some of the people in our lives. I'll be posting a few ideas as the weeks go on--some ideas simpler than others--but I'm convinced you'll be able to use at least one of these ideas for one of your loved ones.

DSC_2782 The first idea I have is a tea wallet. I know for a FACT that everyone knows a tea lover, which makes this the perfect gift for those friends of yours who carry tea bags in their purses; why not give them a cute accessory that they'll be able to store those tea bags in when they're on the go??

I followed THIS tutorial, the supplies that you'll need are the following: - fabric (one style for the outside and one style for the pockets) -fusible interfacing -sewing machine or needle and thread (sewing machine would be waaaaay faster though!) -iron (or if you're ghetto like me and don't own an iron, a straightener works GREAT!)

DSC_2786 I'm definitely going to be making a few of these for some people in my life this Christmas; I love how much you can personalize and customize them based on your fabric choices! It didn't take me too long to figure out how to make this little guy, so I'm looking forward to getting better while making the next one! Let me know if you decide to try out the tutorial/if you have any questions about it! ALSO, leave me your favourite teas down below--my drawer is getting low on tea supplies!!