Cuba - Behind the Scenes

Now that I'm back from a month-long adventure, I can finally start catching you all up on everything that's been going on--starting with our trip to CUBA! Meg brought me along with her as she photographed Brittani + Jesse's INCREDIBLY beautiful and enchanted fairytale! Before you continue reading here, you MUST check out that blog post (go on now and have a look--I'll wait!)

The entire trip to-and-from-Cuba was FULL of surprises....things started off extremely interestingly as our plane in Edmonton was taxying to the runway when it turned a corner and drifted into a SNOWBANK due to freezing rain and slippery conditions. Needless to say, we were delayed on the runway for two hours while our plane (AND the runway) was de-iced. After being awake for almost 24hours, we FINALLY made it to our hotel room in the wee hours of the morning, where we passed out for a couple of hours. I never thought that I would like landing places at nighttime, being that it's so dark and you can never see your surroundings, but it surely does make for a fun surprise when you whip open the curtains and find yourself in the midst of a clear, blue-sky day, enraptured by palm trees and salt-water air.


What else do two photographer's do other than take  pictures of one another?! haha It sure is a brand new experience getting ready for a photo session in an incredibly humid location--let me tell you that this lion's mane of hair lasted only a few minutes before it found itself in a curly, poofy, tangled mess....on another note, isn't Meg's new glitter shirt the BEST?!


One thing that we didn't realize until we were at our resort, is that the tourists in Cuba are comprised almost entirely of Canadians.Thanks to Canadian stereotypes (that are more true than I would have expected), we were easily able to pick out where most people were from. Meg wrote a HILARIOUS blog post about the Canadians at our resort; believe it or not, we even met three women who drove Zambonis for a living....I'm not even kidding (Read her Canada blog HERE). P.S Who doesn't love being able to photograph in their bikini??! It sure was a nice change from winter boots, a parka, toque, mitts, and a scarf....ohhh Cananda...


Lastly, I wanted to include a few behind the scenes from Brittani + Jesse's wedding day. Second shooting for another photographer is ALWAYS a brand new experience; I learnt SO much from simply being a part of B + J's wedding day alongside Meg. Their wedding day really was filled with not only varying weather (going from overcast and windy, to calm and sunset-y) but we were also so fortunate to be able to shoot at such varying locations--I still can't believe that we got to shoot at the DuPont mansion on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0055Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0054 Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0056Edmonton_Indie_Photographer_0058 Not only was I fortunate enough to be brought along to Cuba, but we were both so blessed to be able to spend that week with a FUN, hilarious, and incredibly welcoming bunch of brand new friends. We laughed hard, we grew closer, and we created infinite memories; I couldn't have asked for a better way to end off the incredible year of 2013.