Taking the Day Off -- Backyard Staycation in Bragg Creek

Last week, Mark and I had some of our very first sleepover guests at our new place! Our good friends made the trek down from Grande Prairie + Edmonton to spend a couple of days with us exploring Calgary, and checking out our new home. On the day they arrived, we decided to pack up Thomas' minivan, grab a few drinks, and head out West. We headed a ways out of town, just passed Bragg Creek, built a fire, roasted some hot dogs, and ended up going for a long hike (that we were not in any way prepared for haha). We ended our day atop a mountain watching Cooper + O'Hara snap a few shots of Ty. The only thing that was missing were all of the corresponding ladies to these guys!! I was incredibly outnumbered....haha kaihla_tonai_intimate_wedding_elopement_photographer_1301

If that Thursday afternoon was any indication to the summer months that are to come, I'm even more excited now that I ever thought I was before. I'm learning more and more that it's okay to shut things down for a day and leave your desk for an afternoon in order to fill your lungs with fresh air, and your mind with unforgettable memories. Don't ever be afraid to unplug--if only for a few hours--and just bask in those moments that can't be made through social media or online newsfeeds.


Thanks for the hang friends!! We can't wait to have you--AND your significant others--over again!!