You Deserve Love

There is a writer that I used to look up to; her words had some sort of spell over me that in a sense compelled me to believe everything that she wrote down; to automatically take her point of view as truth. She wrote pieces on being so strong as a women that we did not need to be loved by a partner. Of course, if we chose to, we could become enthralled with another soul, but it wasn't needed in order to survive. For weeks I tried to align my heart with that belief; there was something compelling about this false sense of woman power that I was tempted to believe simply because of the hold that this person had over me; the way that her words dripped with such confidence. For a few moments I jumped on board, I even tried to write about the topic from my own point of view. After many failed attempts, I gave up trying. Looking back now, it only makes sense that my heart couldn't write on the subject; this message just wasn't something that I was in alignment with.

For months I took this person's word as truth, and it wasn't until recently after weeks of working on my self, that I managed to shake the hold that these words seemed to have over my heart + my thoughts.

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I can sit here today, and say whole-heartedly that as much as I believe in the power of a women, I also believe with everything that I have in the power of having a partner. When I was younger, I used to have this mindset that I would simply meet a man that would take care of me forever. Although I had interests and ideas, I didn't have a strong sense of self or of direction. I didn't want to have a job or collect my own income because my path hadn't yet been uncovered. I didn't want to try and make something of myself, not because I was raised that way, but simply because I had no drive to do so.

A little under six years ago that mindset shifted entirely when I met someone who believed in me more than I believed in myself at the time. Over the years, growing to know Mark has instilled the greatest sense of self into my heart than I had ever thought possible. I believe that having a partner who understands who we are—throughout our light as well as our shadow—is one of the greatest blessings that can happen in our lifetime.

Can we be strong and stand tall on our own? Absolutely. Can we make our own money and support our lifestyles alone? Yes, we can. Can we make our own decisions based on the needs of our heart? Always.

But can we also disperse the weight of the mountain that we carry when it gets a bit too heavy? Can we ask to be carried when our legs have their moments of weakness? Can we share our fears with the one heart who understands us rather than holding it all in and putting on a brave face?

Don't ever believe that sharing your soul with another human being makes you any less yourself. Don't ever harden your heart because those who have been hurt preach that love isn't out there. Don't ever fall under the illusion that you will lose bits of you in the arms of someone who loves you.

The entanglement of two souls is the most fascinating, beautiful, and powerful force of life.

You deserve love, because you deserve to grow into the very best version of who you were intended to be; and that will bring about more power than standing alone could ever bring you.