A Time of Giving - Christmas Gift Ideas

If you've missed the first post in this mini pre-Christmas series, be sure to check it out HERE.Today I want to share another DIY idea that would make for a great gift for a mom, sister, friend, or anyone in your life who loves sporting longer necklaces. There isn't really an exact method that you follow for this idea, which is what makes it really unique and individual depending on the maker! Before proceeding, I just want to throw a disclaimer out there that if you're an impatient person with big hands/fingers (like me) then this probably isn't the best craft for you haha, let's just say that I'm not quite cut out for dainty craft making....Nevertheless, this is a fun and rather inexpensive way to create yet another super unique and fun gift for someone this Christmas season!

Materials I used (everything was bought at Michael's): - Silver Chain - Jump rings - Little silver tubes (they were originally a little curved when I bought them, but I just straightened them out!) - Needle nose pliers (these are a MUST, I first tried with the "fat" nosed pliers we had at home, but it was tooooorture haha)

DSC_3574 If you have absolutely no idea where to even begin with a project like this, you can start by taking a look at THIS tutorial; it's what gave me the idea and inspiration to try this out! There really are endless options for these types of geometric necklaces, just make whatever shapes you find pleasing to the eye!

DSC_3578 Let me know if you decide to try out this Christmas Gift Idea, or what you think of it down below!!