Embrace Your Opportunity for Growth

How do we decide if it's the right time to do something? When is the right time to invest in our wellbeing? To take that big risk? To spend that money on our passion? If we begin to think in the capacity of the idea of time being but an illusion, we then abolish entiretly the thought of there ever being a right or wrong time to do things. Aren't excuses just so much easier? Doesn't your justified excuses take the load off, if only a little? Don't they help to ease the guilt, if only for a while? Don't they allow you to continue to put things off, for the sake of keeping you comfortable? Do you want to know what else excuses have the capability to do? They have the capability to stunt your growth--emotionally, socially, and financially. Excuses are ruthless; the more we use them, the easier they become to utter and the more control they are able to exert. Your excuses are the sole reason that you're not living the life that you daydream about.


Can't you see that you are the only thing standing in your own way?

Your excuses aren't welcome here, and neither are my own. The more that I've continued to work at developing my business, the more prevalent the excuses have become. Do you know how many emails or comments I've received in the past year that express something along the lines of "I can't wait for you to offer this in the future, because I am for sure signing up!". The ironic thing about those words, is that they show up when I am knee deep in the middle of offering something; whether it be a retreat, session, or mentoring opportunity.

What's wrong with jumping in--feet first--this time around?

These emails make me sad. They made me sad because I still find myself in situations where I'll make that exact same excuse; I'll withhold myself from growth because it's so much easier to tell myself that my current circumstances simply won't allow me to grow, at lest not right now.

When do we stop fooling ourselves? When do we shake ourselves out of this debilitating habit and embrace the opportunities for growth that show up on our doorstep.

How many times are you going to close the door on your potential?