Embracing Change

Do you ever feel slightly bewildered when somebody tells you that "you've changed."? This statement is always such an odd thing for a person to state, but it comes especially as a shock if they imply it in a negative manner. People too often associate change with fearful thoughts; when did change develop such a bad wrap? Change is the one thing that will continually propel us forward in life, change is the one thing that constantly motivates us to achieve bigger and better goals. It's true that change can often be a frightful step, but never should it be a negative one. Have you ever heard the phrase "the only constant in change"? Much like a lot of phrase that are too often overlooked, if you really read the above statement, you'll come to see that it makes perfect sense. We can't grow unless we change, we can't create unless we're willing create change, and we cannot make our surroundings a better place unless we are willing to master change. Don't ever let anybody affect your drive of going after your passions because they feel that you've 'changed'; change is only feared by those too meek to get out and actively seek their own inspirations.

Don't ever feel bad for 'changing' just because that change may bring about new friends and opportunities.

Those who support what you do and who you are will always encourage change. Those rooting for you to succeed will always be there to remind you to chase those changes.

Every day you should be learning. Every day you should be changing.