Farmer's Market - Haul

Spring really is one of the most refreshing and calming seasons of the year for me; even though Mark's still in one spring class this semester, things really start to slow down for us, and we're able to start having all of our suppers together, and overall just creating a fresh routine for the both of us! Ever since returning back from our road trip out West, we wanted to adapt a bit better eating habits considering we had been living on Subway, chips, and ginger snap cookies for the entirety of those 12 days....On Saturday we made our way to the Strathcona Famer's Market to pick up a few things to get us through the week; I'd be lying if I said that ALL of what you see below were necessities, obviously the plant and cookies we didn't haaaave to have ;) farmersmarkethaul We picked up a bunch of fresh veggies that we're going to use this week in pasta salads, as side dishes, and also as snacks throughout the day. We also grabbed a small pack of Lizzy's Gluten Free hamburger buns to have with some of our hand made & mix spinach-cranberry-turkey burgers, two bags of these INCREDIBLE Vegan friendly, egg-and-dairy-free cookies by Bloom, the cutest little succulent you ever did see, and lastly some beeswax which is going to be used by Mark as a finish on some of the wooden spoons he's been widdling lately!

Have you ever checked out the Strathcona Farmer's Market?? What's your favourite thing to pick up while you're there? Now that Spring & Summer is--hopefully--around the corner (I can't believe it tried to snow again this weekend) I'm eager to be able to cruise the market every Saturday to stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables & pretty flowers!!