Florida Recap -- February 18, 2014

I used to be a big planner, always trying to plan and organize my days; but, soon after abandoning that lifestyle I discovered that simply taking each day as it came could be one of the most rewarding lifestyles. Yesterday was one of those days where good things just continued to happen, and it allowed me to really take a step back and appreciate everything that was going on.
The morning started out much like it always does while in Florida, sitting poolside with the perfect cup of coffee; these little moments at the beginning of the day will forever be some of my favourite. Maybe it's the coffee, maybe it's the sunshine, or maybe it's that simple ocean mist scent swirling around the patio, nevertheless, I will always be down for coffee time in the mornings.
Mark's family is big on kayaking, and it's a guarantee that we'll take at least one kayak trip during the duration of our visits; this trip was no exception. We took a 4 mile roundtrip ride through vast canals and shallow everglades, but we have yet to come across a manatee or dolphin. We did, however, find a TON of small black crabs and dangling spiders.....TOTALLY not my thing....I'd much rather have a dolphin rock my kayak than a bunch of crabs dangling over my head, but I digress, it was still a fun time!!
Mark and I then spent the afternoon cruising the town in the Jeep with the top down. We visited the tastiest ice cream shop that we had gone to during our last Florida trip three years ago, and then finished off our little jaunt by touring the grocery store! (If you saw my instagram yesterday you'd know why I love US grocery stores so much!!).
As the air began to cool down, and the sun started it's decent, we packed into the boat and floated out onto the ocean to watch the sunset. Finally, before the night was entirely over, we were called out onto the dock in the backyard, only to find one of the coolest sights I had ever seen. Dozens of tiny little jellyfish were lighting up the pitch black waters with small internal electrical-charge-looking lights. It was like nothing I had ever seen before; like tiny water fireflies, their bodies illuminated on-and-off which what could only be described as an electrical charge! It was so magical-looking, and definitely not a night that I will soon forget!
Needless to say, this is already shaping up to be an AWESOME Florida trip! I've been trying to find the time to keep you all updated, but it's been a bit hard to find the time between all of the boating and the sunshine...heheh. Be sure and check back for another update in a few days, and don't miss out on all of my instagram updates over on @kaihlatonai