Floral Backdrop - DIY

The week has only just begun and it's already turning out super rad. Aside from the Free Spirit Marathon that I shot all day Saturday (blog post coming!!), and Mark + I's incredible day-trip to Jasper on Sunday (stay tuned for this too!!), I get to hang out with Janine all week, as she's completing 40 hours worth of work experience with me! As part of the NAIT Photographic Technology curriculum, there's various work experience requirements that you have to complete, so this week we're hanging out together and I'm not gonna lie, we're getting up to some pretty awesome things ;) Janine's been around for both of my Free Spirit Marathon's over the course of the past few months, so for the next couple of days we're gonna change it up and do a lot of other "office work" haha. This morning we headed to the mall--for work purposes of course....we grabbed everything we needed for our DIY props, AND may or may not have picked up a few other things... kaihla_tonai_alberta_indie_wedding_photographer_0025

Rather than just hanging out in the apartment editing photos for the entirety of the week, I've set up various photo sessions for us to shoot together. We're going to be doing a couple more Free Spirit portrait sessions and wanted to find ways to make each of the sessions unique...which is where this DIY comes in! This afternoon we made our very own floral backdrop, and I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that we are PUMPED to use it in our session today!! The DIY is pretty self explanatory, but I'll share with you what we used to make this fun + inexpensive photo session prop:

  • Silk flowers -- We bought all of these ones at Dollarama for under 8 bucks!
  • Transparent fishing line -- Canadian Tire ($7.99)
  • Wire cutters (or scissors)

We cut a long piece of fishing line (it's up to you to decide how long you want your background to hang) and then tied it to the curtain rod hanging in our apartment, we then randomly chose the flowers, and tied a double knot around the stem. Make sure you tie the knot RIGHT where the flower head meets the stem in order to avoid having the flowers fall upside down or face the wrong direction. Just keep moving down the length of the fishing line until you've filled it up with flowers.


Of COURSE, we couldn't wait until our portrait session to test it out, so we hung the strands on a long dowel rod and hung it above the bed and tried it out as soon as soon as it was done! Make sure and keep an eye out on Facebook later today for a preview of our bedroom boho session featuring this DIY.