The Flower Child Fall Challenge - September Daily Photo Challenge

I've scoured the internet for some sort of daily photo challenge that I could use to document various parts of my everyday life. This isn't for a lack of blogging, or sessions, or inspiration, but rather it is more about boosting things creativity-wise, all the while making things simple again. This is not about searching for inspiration because it has recently been lost, but more so about reminding ourselves that life is & can be simple; beauty and inspiration doesn't have to be this big production. By simplifying our surroundings, we have the potential to discover that minimalistic, yet impactful beauty that has been within our grasp all of this time. My brand revolves around a vulnerable core; it promotes vulnerability and encouraging raw, honest, deep, meaningful conversations & soul connections. My work is intended to make you feel at home; it's sole purpose is to make you embrace the rawness & uniquity that is your every day life. I always want you to be comfortable with who you are as a person, and I promise that I will always cherish your vulnerability and encourage you to be the truest version of yourself; this "challenge" is about doing just that. This daily photo posting is about breaking ourselves & our surroundings down, back into their simplest form, and capturing those real & raw moments that are always present in our every day life.


I created this for myself so that I could physically document how simplistically stunning my daily life truly is; but I want you to join me in posting these daily if you're ready to challenge yourself in looking for that simple beauty in your every day life as well. Whether you want to start truly absorbing and becoming aware of the beauty you encounter every single day, or if you're just looking for a fun photo challenge or a way to add a little bit of "personal" to your blog, then I would LOVE if you join me on posting an image a day for the next 26 days.


Like it mentions above, I'm going to be posting my images not only on my blog here, but also over on Instagram. If you're going to be posting as well via Instagram, be sure and use the daily hashtag #flowerchildfall when posting your images so that I can find them all at the end of the day! Lastly, if you are going to blog your images as well, like myself, then please leave your blog URL below that I can check them out at the end of the day as well!!

If you have any questions or comments, as always you can leave them down below and I'll get to them as soon as I can :)